Fishing regulations

To fish within Struven-Stora Le fishing conservation areas water requires a fishing license.
Fishing license is personal and not transferable.
Fishing license gives no permission to crayfish fishing.
It is possible to buy day license, weekly license or annual license.
Persons 16 years and younger may fish without a fishing license.

Fishing gear
Only hand-hold tackles are allowed.
When trolling, a maximum of 4 rods per boat.

Maximum length for pike is 80 cm.
Max 2 pikes per day and fisherman.

Minimum length for zander is 50 cm.
Max 2 zanders per day and fisherman.

Trout/salmon is protected between september 1 and december 31.
Minimum length for trout/salmon is 50 cm.
Max 2 trout/salmon per day and fishermen.

Holmerudsälven (Holmeruds river)
For the right to fish in Holmerudsälven (Holmeruds river) requires fishing right in the area.
All trout/salmon caught in Holmerudsälven (Holmeruds river) shall be returned.

Fishing supervision
Takes place by some of compound designated people.
Fishing supervision may also be outsourced if necessary.

District license
Those living within the fishing conservation area but are not fishing rights owner can buy a district license.
For district license buyers can a guest license be solved for up to 3 guests.

Fishing rights owner
For fishin rights owner fishing is free in the fishing conservation area.
Fishing rights certificate (fishing license) need not be solved for fishing rights owner.
It is enough to be able to state name and the property you own your fishing right through.
Fishing rights owner may have with guests for free.